Saturday, April 4, 2015


Summer 2014

After being transferred to other districts, Kohei Kuryu (Takuya Kimura) the charismatic public prosecutor returns to Josai branch of the Tokyo district prosecutor's office. Old and new faces greet him including his beautiful new assistant Chika Asagi (Keiko Kitagawa). Will the branch be able to tolerate Kuryu's meticulous style of seeking truth and justice?

Recommendation: Well in terms of the ratings it looks like Takuya Kimura is back on top returning as Kohei Kuryu. It was good to see him in a drama that helped solidify his status as a popular actor. In terms of the drama itself though, it's basically the same formula as the original series with some minor cosmetic changes. Honestly, like the first series, I think that Kuryu is just too good at what he does and so there isn't a lot of drama or tension in each episode. I was hoping for more back story from other characters. Even in the first series the supporting cast didn't do much and I hoped that they could of added some special skills for the other members to help Kuryu in a pinch more often. I did begin to enjoy the stories from around episode 9 and I was happy to see the bartender back with his usual "aruyo" cameos, but overall the drama comes off as a bit pretentious and too idealistic for my taste. Still, it's always a pleasure to see Kimura act and Kitagawa wasn't bad either. Strangely, I did miss Kuryu's orange down jacket...

Story: 0.5
Acting: 1.0
Directing: 0.5
Character Development: 0.5
Emotional Factor: 0.5

3.0 Out Of 5.0 Crowns

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